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  • Which customer characteristics and behaviors add value to your company?

  • Who are the customers with the greatest potential to become more valuable?

  • How can you best prepare for customers' behavior in different situations?

  • What truly impacts your performance?

What are YOUR business questions? Your insights are limited only by your curiosity.

Data-driven insights can answer questions that help you improve your return on investment. For example:

If it can be measured it can be improved.

Unleash Your Data's Power

Unleash Data's Power

Welcome to Work Smarter Analytics, the consulting firm that empowers small and medium-sized businesses with the same analytics advantages major companies use to optimize their operations. We combine decades of operational expertise with the power of analytics to help you gain a competitive edge and attain new, higher levels of success.

We can handle data related tasks from the mundane to the most complex. You can offload tasks that would be tedious and time-consuming for your team, like finding text or numbers that appear in more than one long document, to us. We can easily scan long documents to find key words or phrases.

Or, Work Smarter Analytics can harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to elevate your business. Our cutting-edge AI solutions derive meaningful insights from complex data at an unprecedented speed and accuracy. We help you predict trends, optimize operations, and personalize customer experiences.


We focus on delivering tailored strategies that align with your specific needs, ensuring that you not only stay ahead of the curve but also unlock the potential for sustainable growth and a competitive edge in your industry. Partner with us to transform your data into a powerful asset that drives innovation and efficiency across all facets of your business.

At Work Smarter Analytics, we empower decision-makers like you with increased precision and objectivity. And, your insights are limited only by your curiosity. If you have data, we will help you learn from it. If not, we can help you develop a strategy and collect it. Knowledge is power; Work Smarter Analytics will unleash the power in your data so you get the most out of your investment.


Work Smarter Analytics for Better Performance

Our mission is to use the power of data analytics to help you, the small- or medium-sized business operator, improve your organization's performance. We provide decision precision-- empowering you to see what factors are most strongly associated with your desired outcomes.

This is what we do:

Descriptive Analytics:  We use your historical data to understand changes in your business or its processes.

Diagnostic Analytics:  We use advanced statistical and analytics methods to identify factors most strongly or weakly, positively or negatively associated with your desired outcomes. 

Predictive Analytics:  We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other algorithms to predict future outcomes based on past performance.

Prescriptive Analytics:  We recommend actions that are likely to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Data Gathering:  If your organization does not yet have data, we will help you gather it and create a data culture so that you can benefit from the power of business analytics.

We help you answer nearly any question you have about your business.


For example: 

You might be curious about what factors indicate that certain customers will become more important to you, which ones are at risk of churning, or whom you should target to maximize profit. We help you take actions to achieve your desired outcome.


You may have a machine that performs within tolerances at particular times during the day, but does not at other times. In many cases, data analysis can identify the drivers of the out-of-tolerance performances.

You might be interested in optimizing the performance of a marketing campaign. If you have the appropriate data, we can help you.

The benefits of business analytics are limited only by your curiosity and data.

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