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About Work Smarter Analytics

About the Founder

Work Smarter Analytics is here to help small—and medium-sized businesses benefit from data-driven decision-making. Our mission is to offer the advantages of analytics without the expense or commitment of hiring an internal analytics team.

For founder Steve Kosbau, data helped radio stations he managed to perform at high levels. In cities large and small across America, he observed that the most successful stations— including his best competitors— used data to gain actionable insights and competitive advantages. Fascinated by data’s power, he invested in a data-centric education to understand cutting-edge analytics tools, strategize around findings, and leverage the power of data, earning the following degrees and certifications: 

  • Master of Science in Business Analytics— University of Iowa

  • Master of Business Administration— University of Iowa

  • Finance Certificate— University of Iowa

  • Financial Decision-Making Certificate -- University of Iowa

  • Bachelor of Business Administration-- University of Iowa

Work Smarter Analytics combines management experience and cutting-edge analytics methods to help your business thrive.

Our team looks forward to helping you harness the power of data insights!

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